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Back in the Game With the 1965-1966 Wildlife Issue

I have to apologize for the long delay in posts - almost a month and a half. The reason why I have been absent is that I had to move and it took a long time to get everything sorted. But now my stamp room is back up and running and I am in a position to add regular posts.

The 1960's was an interesting time for specialists of definitive stamps. The reason was that in this decade, postal administrations were experimenting with all kinds of different ways to speed the electronic sorting of mail. The machines used for this purpose relied on fluorescence to detect the stamp on the envelope in order to place the envelope in the correct position for the cancelling device. To this end, postal administrations introduced fluorescent papers and inks in their stamps, leading to many definitive issues of the 1960's being enormously complicated to the specialist interested in identifying all of the existing combinations of papers and inks.

Nigeria's definitive issue that appeared betwee…

Temporary Hiatus in Posts

My apologies to those of you who regularly read my blog. Almost a month has gone by since my last post. My personal life right now is a bit of a mess, but I expect to be able to start adding additional posts by the last week of this month. So no, this blog isn't a flash in the pan.

I welcome comments from you and requests for articles. So if there is an issue you want me to talk about or show you, please comment.