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Postal History of the 1904-1906 King Edward VII Keyplate Issue of Lagos

This week's post will be my last for the stamps of Lagos, and will present an interesting range of postal history from the 1904-1906 King Edward VII issue of Lagos. Included is an intriguing series of overpaid postcards all sent to Germany aboard a ship from the recipient's wife. All of the stamps are arranged in a way on the cards that suggests that the cards are not philatelic, but are in fact, actual commercial overpaid usages.

Registered Envelopes

Here is a registered cover sent from Ibadan on August 14, 1906, after Amalgamation, to Holsheim, Germany. There is a U.K. transit backstamp dated September 3 1906, but no arrival backstamp in Germany. The postage paid is 2/3d over the 2d value of the envelope, for a total of 2/5d. This has been paid with chalky paper examples of the 1/2d, 1d, and 2.5d and ordinary paper examples of the 2d, 3d and 6d.

The next scan shows the back of the envelope:

Note how the indicta on the back of the envelope is Lagos. 
The next scans show a Sou…

The 1904-1906 King Edward VII Keyplate Issue of Lagos Part Two

Today's post comes a few days late, as I was away on a much needed temporary vacation. However, it will hopefully have been worth the wait, as today, I will be showing you a wide array of cancellations on this issue. Next week, I will complete my coverage of this issue, with a nice selection of covers and postal history.

Cancellations on Single Stamps of the Issue 

Halfpenny Deep Dull Green and Myrtle Green on Ordinary Paper

The left stamp has a German seepost cancel. The second stamp from the left is postmarked with a Plymouth Paquebot cancel and is dated December 21, 1904.This is a relatively early date, as the stamp was first issued on October 10, 1904. The third stamp shows a large Ibadan May 25, 1905 CDS cancel, while the right stamp bears an Ogbomosho CDS cancel, dated January 1, 1905.

The left stamp is a faint Oyo cds, dated April 7, 1905. The right stamp is a January 1906 registered Lagos CDS.

Halfpenny Dull Green and Myrtle Green on Chalk-Surfaced Paper

These three stamps a…