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The Printings of the 10d Lilac and Yellow Orange Queen Victoria Keyplate Stamp From Lagos 1894-1901

Today's post concludes my examination of the three stamps issued in 1894 by Lagos to facilitate payment of insurance charges on registered parcels: the 5d, 7.5d and 10d. Several weeks ago we looked at the 5d lilac and dark green and concluded that there were approximately 18 printings and then the 7.5d lilac and crimson and concluded that there were 19 printings of those stamps. Given that only 43,380 stamps of the 10d were sent, compared to 55,620 stamps of the 7.5d, and 92,160 of the 5d, I would expect there to have been fewer printings, although it is entirely possible that there were as many printings consisting of fewer stamps each time, just was was the case with the 7.5d. Like the 5d, and 7.5d there were a lot of unsold remainders that were eventually destroyed - 23,100 out of the original 43,380, leaving only 20,280 stamps that were sold and either preserved in mint form, or used.

I have 84 mint and used stamps of this value, which I initially sorted into the same five gr…

Time Is Of The Essence - World Class Nigerian Collection To Be Sold At Auction

I have been busy for the past several weeks with my business and have come to the realization that I simply cannot adequately handle a business specializing in both Canada and Nigeria, as Canada is vast enough to keep me busy full time for 14 hours a day.

Therefore, I have decided that the time has come to take my entire collection of Nigeria, which took me more than 10 years to form, and sell it all at a public auction. For this very important task, I have approached Gary Watson of Mossgreen Auctions in Melbourne, Australia. Gary has a long track record of showcasing exotic collections of emerging philatelic areas and finding loving homes for rare and important stamps and postal history.

My collection consists of tens of thousands of stamps and approximately 50,000 covers from this most populous country in Africa. There is strength in all periods including all the pre-1914 territories and protectorates. There are rare printings, cancellations shades, proofs, and souvenir items that …