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Long Hiatus

One reader asked me yesterday when I was going to update my blog. It has indeed been more than a year.

The reason why I have not posted in so long has to do with the fact that I decided last year to begin the long process of leaving my profession of public accounting to pursue my passion of philately full time. Today is my last day as an accountant and starting tomorrow, I will be a full time stamp dealer specializing in the stamps and postal history of Canada and British West Africa.

As you can imagine, the first few months will be taken up with organizing inventory and getting it listed for sale. Once that is done, I will have time to begin posting on a several times weekly basis. I am currently in the process of developing a topics list of what I would like future posts to be about and I am also considering producing some videos on Youtube so that I can show my readers some of the aspects of Nigerian philately that are too difficult to illustrate with words and images alone.

So …