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Chalk-Surfaced Papers on Edwardian Period Nigerian Stamps


The Work of Enschede & Sons and Israeli Printing Firms in The Production of Nigerian Stamps

Today's post is the last in a series of posts in which I discuss the general characteristics of the printing work done by the various printing firms in the production of Nigeria's postage stamps. Although substantially all of the postage stamp production was carried out by six printing firms, there were a few other, lesser known firms that had a hand in producing some of Nigeria's stamps. I do not possess full sheets of the stamps printed by these firms, so I am not in a position to provide the same kinds of information as in the previous posts. However, I can offer some general observations about the characteristics of the papers and gums used, as well as the printing methods.

The firms and organizations involved are:

1. The Government Printer of Israel.
2. Lewin-Epstein of Bat Yam, Israel.
3. Enschede and Sons of Holland.
4. Cartor of France.
5. Kalamazoo Security Print.
6. Superflux International Ltd., of Lagos.
7. The Lisbon Mint, of Portugal.

The Government Printer Of…

The Work of the Nigeria Security Printing and Minting Company (NSP&M) in Producing Nigeria's Stamps


The Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Company, abbreviated NSP&M, has with few exceptions since 1968 been the sole printer of Nigeria's postage stamps. The few exceptions since then have been as follows:
The 1970 printings of the 2d and 4d wildlife definitives, which were printed by Enschede. The Stamp of Destiny issue of 1970, which was printed by Enschede.The Tenth Anniversary of Independence issue of 1970, which was printed by Enschede.The Racial Equality Year Issue of 1971, which was printed by Enschede.The All-Africa Trade Fair issue of 1972, which was printed by De La Rue.The Nigeria Drives Right Issue of 1972, which was printed by De La Rue. The All Nigeria Arts Festival Issue of 1972, which was printed by De La Rue.The 2004 re-prints of the wildlife definitives were printed by Cartor of France. The 2010 definitives which were lithographed by Kalamazoo Security Print Ltd., or Litho Superflux International Ltd. Lagos. All of the 1968 commemorative issues of …

The Work of Harrison & Sons in the Production of Nigerian Stamps

Harrison and Sons is a printing firm that first appears on the scene of British Commonwealth philately in 1928, when they were asked to print the stamps of Gold Coast. Their involvement in Nigerian philately does not start until just after Independence, when they produced the new definitive issue that was released in 1961, and remained in use until 1965. From this point, until the NSP&M took over the production of most Nigerian stamps, Harrison would produce nearly all of the commemorative postage stamps issued between 1961 and 1968, with only a few sets being printed by other firms in Israel and one by De La Rue.

Printing Process

They were masters of a new printing process called photogravure, in which printing is made from photographic plates. The British post office had been looking for ways to reduce the cost of printing postage stamps, and photogravure turned out to be an even faster and cheaper alternative to Typography. By the mid 1930's nearly all British stamps were b…