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The Unwatermarked Queen Victoria First Waterlow Issue of Niger Coast Protectorate Part Three - The 1d Blue

Today I begin looking at the 1d blue from this series. There are too many stamps in my collection for me to cover all attributes in detail in one post. So, I will limit myself today to the shades, the re-entries and plate flaws and then the cancellations.

Gibbons lists a pale blue and a dull blue shade for this stamp, though in reality, there are at least 7 shades that I have been able to identify. Four of these would be classified by Gibbons as pale blue, while the other three would likely be classified as dull blue. However, it is clear that there should be more shade groups included in the catalogue, since some of the stamps here completely do not fit either shade name.

The scans below show the shades I have identified:

The first stamp on the left is a perfect match to Gibbons's Prussian blue. The second stamp from the left is a little brighter, being a very close match to deep dull blue on the Gibbons colour key. The third stamp from the left is brighter still and a lit…

The Unwatermarked Queen Victoria First Waterlow Issue of Niger Coast Protectorate Part Two

Today's post will explore the 1/2d vermilion stamp from this series in detail.


I have found the following perforations:

15.1 15.1 x 14.513.9 x 14 x 14.15 x 14.114.1 x 14 x 14 x 13.6;14.314 x 14.25 14 x 14.1 x 14.1 x 14.2513.9 x 14 x 14.25 x 1415.1 x 14.7514.1 x 14.25 14.1 x 1413.9 x 14.115 15 x 14.9 14.7 x 14.814.514.9 x 14.7 13.914.5 x 13.914.9 x 14.515 x 14.414.91414 x 14.1 x 13.9 x 14.2514.9 x 14.615 x 14.614.4 x 14.1 x 14.1 x 14.414.114.5 x 14.114.1 x 13.914.25 x 14.114.1 x 13.7514.1 x 13.75 x 14.1 x 14.114.1 x 15; 13.75 14.2514 x 13.7513.75 x 14.25 The most common of these are the perf. 15, 15 x 14.9 and 14.1. There are several where the perforation is different on more than 2 sides. There are always scarce, with usually just one example. There are two compound perforations in this the gauge changes part way down a side. So for example 14.1 x 15;13.75 means that the top and bottom are perf. 14.1, while the top part of the side margins is 15, the gauge changes to 1…