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Postal History Of The Queen Victoria Issues of Lagos 1882-1903

This week's post will present the postal history items in my collection that cover the Crown CA issues of the Queen Victoria period of the colony of Lagos. Unfortunately I do not have any covers from the crown CC period, as these are exceptionally rare. But I do have a nice range of covers and postcards from this period, and these will be the subject of this week's post.

1882-1887 First Crown CA Issue

A 4d cover sent from Lagos to Munich, Bavaria on March 5, 1888. The postage is paid with a pair of the 2d slate from the first crown CA issue. The pair is cancelled with strikes of a 9-bar Lagos oval obliterator, while the cover bears a nice strike of a 21 mm Lagos CDS, that has a 4 mm gap between "W" and "A" of "Africa".

1887-1903 Second Crown CA Issue

A 4d cover sent from Lagos to Berne, Switzerland on March 18, 1891. This cover is franked with a single 4d lilac and black, from the first state of the plate. The stamp is cancelled with a clear strike…

Mint Blocks of the Queen Victoria Keyplate Stamps of Lagos Not Already Shown in Previous Posts

Today's post marks the beginning of a series of shorter posts that I will be writing over the next several weeks. I am in the midst of a move away from E-bay permanently as a seller. Consequently, the completion of my website must take precedence over these posts, at least until it is complete and operating properly. So rather than stop posting altogether, I have decided to publish shorter posts for the next little while.

Having completed my examination of all the Lagos Queen Victoria surface printed stamps, it seems appropriate to dedicate a post to show all of the mint blocks and multiples that were not illustrated in my posts that dealt with the individual values in the various sets.

Blocks prior to the 1887-1903 crown CA issue are rare, and my earliest ones are from the 1882-1886 Crown CA Issue.

1882-1886 Crown CA Issue Blocks

1d lilac in a lower right block of 4 showing the plate number below position 58 in the sheet, and a small dot in the selvage below position 60. The narr…