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The 1961-1965 "Independence" Definitive Issue

I have been looking at the viewership statistics for the one post that I did on the 1962-63 commemoratives with some dismay. It seems that most of you are not that interested in the post-independence issues. Maybe I'm mistaken. It is indeed a pity if I am, as the post-independence period has so much to offer, as I hope the next few posts will show. Indeed, Nigeria is one of the few countries, now in the whole world, where the number of basic issued stamps is still under 1000 basic catalogue numbers. My country, Canada, which has a very reasonable new issue policy has issued over 2,400 stamps. Nigeria, in contrast had, up to 2008 still issued fewer than 900 stamps. In addition, it is one of the few countries whose stamps illustrate subject matter that is relevant to the country and its people.

On January 1, 1961, just 3 months after the country declared its independence, a new definitive set appeared to replace the previous pictorial issue. Gone are the images of Queen Elizabeth II…

The 1953-1960 Elizabeth II Definitive Issue

The next major definitive issue that appeared after the death of King George VI was issued on September 1, 1953 and featured industry scenes from contemprary Nigeria, but in the form of stylized artists drawings. It is the last definitive issue to appear before independence in 1960. Either the Tudor crown, or the Queen's portrait appears off to one corner of the design. This is a very beautiful set, and serves as one of the better examples of Waterlow and Sons' work. Of all the major printers - De La Rue, Waterlow, and Bradbury Wilkinson, Waterlow's designs have tended to be my least favourite; perhaps because their frames are usually very simple. On this set though, the designs have been integrated into the frames seamlessly, which is very pleasing to the eye. Also, nearly all values are bi-coloured, which makes the colours pop nicely.

In common with other definitive issues that preceded this one, there are some points of interest for the specialist. There are shade varia…