Time Is Of The Essence - World Class Nigerian Collection To Be Sold At Auction

I have been busy for the past several weeks with my business and have come to the realization that I simply cannot adequately handle a business specializing in both Canada and Nigeria, as Canada is vast enough to keep me busy full time for 14 hours a day.

Therefore, I have decided that the time has come to take my entire collection of Nigeria, which took me more than 10 years to form, and sell it all at a public auction. For this very important task, I have approached Gary Watson of Mossgreen Auctions in Melbourne, Australia. Gary has a long track record of showcasing exotic collections of emerging philatelic areas and finding loving homes for rare and important stamps and postal history.

My collection consists of tens of thousands of stamps and approximately 50,000 covers from this most populous country in Africa. There is strength in all periods including all the pre-1914 territories and protectorates. There are rare printings, cancellations shades, proofs, and souvenir items that you simply will not see more than once or twice in a lifetime of collecting. I am not sure what the exact timing of the sale will be, but I am thinking that it will probably be in late 2018 or early 2019. Even with this long timeframe, it will be a challenge to organize, identify and document this material for philatelic posterity.

Thus this blog has both a limited life and a renewed purpose, as my goal will be to write a post about every issue of Nigerian stamps before this collection is to be sold. All the aspects of this collection need to be properly documented, as once this collection is dispersed to the collecting public at large, it will be a long time before this many scarce Nigerian stamps are in the same location again. It is my hope that in doing this, I can attract the international attention from philatelists that this country so richly deserves.

So in keeping with this goal, I will begin where I left off, with the printings of the 10d bicoloured Queen Victoria crown CA keyplate stamps of 1894-1903. 


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