Reviving This Blog...

I originally created this blog more than five years ago as a project to document as much information as I could about Nigerian stamps and postal history because this was my chosen field of collecting. However, after several false starts the blog kind of died. Part of the reason was that my marriage of 12 years fell apart, but the main reason was that in rebuilding my life, I decided to make an complete change of direction and left my profession of public accounting to become a full time stamp dealer - something I have dreamed of doing my whole life.

So for most of the past two years I have been focused on building my business. My primary are of Specialty has been Canada, so nearly all my time has been spent writing articles for my other blog dealing with Canadian philately. Consequently, I was not working much with my Nigerian stamps, which made writing articles difficult.

However, last week I had to count inventory for our fiscal year end and that brought me back in contact with my Nigerian material an inspired me with ideas to revive this blog with regular posts once and for all. Part of my problem before was having a clear idea of the order in which I wanted to tackle the various issues.

I think a good start going forward will be to discuss the main areas of Nigerian philately and discuss the unique challenges they offer collectors and then to go into a discussion of the different printing companies that were responsible for producing the various stamp issues of Nigeria, as each one employed its own printing techniques, used its own papers, its own inks and gums and these all have an impact on how the collection and study of these stamps can and should be approached.

So with this, my next post next week will be an overview of the various stamp issues produced by this fascinating country. 


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