The Halfpenny Green Queen Victoria Stamp From The 1894 Second Waterlow Issue of Niger Coast Protectorate - Part 2

This week's post was quite short, as I was only starting my examination of the different perforations on this stamp. My examination of the previous issue had indicated to me that the classification system used by Gibbons for the perforations is too simple, because it treats several distinct perforation measurements as being the same. What I mean by this is that Gibbons lists 14.5-15 and 13.5-14 as the basic perforation measurements. The problem with this is that in the first Waterlow issue, there are actual measurements of exactly 15, 14.5, and 14, all of which look quite different from one another. A variation of 0.2 of a hole is not that different visually, but a variation of 0.5 hole is noticeably different.

So, in studying this issue, I wanted to see of the same trend held true. Although I am not finished examining all of the halfpenny stamps in my possession, it is clear that the same trend does in fact hold, and that in addition to the three perforations mentioned above, there are also: 14.25, 13.75, 14.75, 13 and 12.5. There are of course many variations around these distinct measurements, but it is clear that 15 and 14 are the most common measurements by far.

I still have about half of my stamps left to check, and will be going through them over the next several weeks, and adding new measurements to this post, as they surface.

To view the post in its full detail, click on the following link:


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