Please Bear With Me Until Next Week - More Posts Coming!

Hello everyone! In my last post I had said that I would publish my next post by now. Unfortunately we ran into considerable problems in closing our home purchase here in Saint John. These problems delayed our move by 9 days, so that we only just got to move into our new house on December 9, instead of November 30 like we planned.

I have managed just yesterday to get our new office organized, and I will show you where we keep our stock, on which these posts are based:

A view from the door showing our desks with lots of space. 

My work area, with supplies and accessories behind me. 

The stock closets and shelving with Nigerian postal history. There is more in the closets, but there are over 50,000 covers here, all from the Youth Mission in Finland, and all dating from 1972 onwards. So there is a major basis for a detailed study of postage rates, postmarks and frankings. 

Viktor watching me from my desk. 

The British West Africa stock on the top shelf, Pre-1936 Nigeria in the albums, and Canada to 1971 in the boxes on the bottom two shelves. 

Commonwealth and world on the top shelf, Nigeria from 1936 to date in the albums, and the rest of Canada from 1971 on on the third shelf.

I have a backlog of work to catch up on and other matters to attend to relating to the move before things resume our normal pattern next week. I will therefore expect my next post to be either on Monday or Tuesday, and the issue I will be talking about will of course, be the 6d green Queen Victoria surface printed stamp, watermarked crown CC and perf. 12.5. 


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