Apology to My Readers - There Will Likely Be No Post This Week

I have to offer my sincere apologies to my readers this week, as my time got away from me yesterday while writing my post for my other Canadian Philately blog. I was writing an update to a post I did about the 1937 Long Coronation Issue of Newfoundland, and what started as something I thought would take a few hours, took me until 3:30am to complete. Unfortunately it is income tax season here in Canada, and I still have a bit of work that I do in that respect, so the rest of my time this week is spoken for. Consequently, I very much doubt that I will have time to write any post this week, for which I am very sorry. If I do get a few hours towards the end of the week, I may start on the next value in the series. However, in the meantime, if you wish to read my post about the 1937 Long Coronation Issue, you can access it here:


If you have never paid much attention to the 1937 Coronation issue, you may find this article quite interesting. King George VI's coronation was held on the same date that Edward VIII's was supposed to have been - just 6 months after the abdication, which meant that the Crown Agents had to scramble to get the issue together and out to every crown colony in time. I'm amazed that they were able to pull it off.

Anyway, I will be back next week with a new post about the 2d slate Queen Victoria stamp of Lagos.


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