The Unwatermarked Queen Victoria Waterlow Issue of Niger Coast Protectorate Part Eight

This week's post completes my examination of the 5d mauve value of this set, which I started last week. This week's post will look at the plate flaws and re-entries found on this value, and the perforations.

In terms of plate flaws, my detailed post gives details of six listed plate flaws and re-entries that occur on this stamp, that were listed in the West Africa Study Circle bulletin from May 1976. Two of these occur on many stamps on the sheet, and one occurs on every stamp. I give illustrations of all but three of the six listed flaws. In addition, I have found two varieties that were not mentioned in that bulletin. What is interesting is that there are very few re-entries, though the ones that do occur are quite outstanding. The only problem with them is that they occur on several positions in the sheet, so that they are not really that scarce.

I have 74 mint and used examples of this stamp, which includes 1 mint pair. Careful measurement of the perforations revealed 39 different combinations of measurements. Gibbons lists only three perforations, being 14.5-15, 13.5-14 and 13.5-14 compound with 12-13. My examination revealed that the way in which Gibbons groups the perforation measurements may not yield the best classification as it obscures the existence of three scarcer compound perforations and fails to acknowledge that there are many examples with perf. 14 and perf. 15. I actually believe that they should be: 13.75-14.2, 14.3-14.7 and 14.8-15.2 and compounds thereof, though there is a compound perf that includes a 13.1 measurement. It was only 1 stamp out of the 74, so it is very scarce indeed, much more so than Gibbons would suggest.

To read the full post in all detail, please go to my website, via the following link:


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