The Halfpenny Green Queen Victoria Stamp From The 1894 Second Waterlow Issue of Niger Coast Protectorate - Part 1

I see that I missed posting last week about the Second Waterlow Issue of Niger Coast Protectorate. Facebook issued me a temporary sharing ban last week and because of that I did not share last week's post to this blog. So, this week I will give you the hyperlinks to both this week's and last week's post, as well as my synopsis.

Last week I wrote an overview post for the Second Waterlow issue of Niger Coast Protectorate. This issue is the unwatermarked one that was issued with the new designs incorporating the name "Niger Coast Protectorate" and no mention anywhere of "Oil Rivers". I discussed the general aspects of the issue and gave detailed printing data from Ince and Osborne for all the known printings.

You can read that full post here:

This week I looked at the halfpenny green in detail and covered all aspects of it except the perforations. So, I looked at the shades, the paper and gum types, the plate flaws and re-entries and the cancellations.

The shades followed much the same progression that was outlined in Ince, though it does not appear that there was a smooth progression of the colour from yellow green to myrtle green, rather it seems that a range of shades exists for all the printings, as many shades exist on several paper types. There were a surprising number of paper and gum types, though in the case of horizontal and vertical wove papers, these may simply be the same papers fed through the presses in a different direction.

Ince and Osborne listed 2 re-entries in their work on this issue, and I had several examples of each that I was able to illustrate in my post. However, I also managed to find three other varieties or re-entries that were not listed by them.

I had a full range of cancellations from most of the post offices that were known on the earlier issue, along with one entirely new one that has not been seen up until now: Sapelle. In addition, I illustrate an interesting anomaly with the Old Calabar River CDS cancel that does not appear to be listed in Proud, as well as some interesting foreign ship cancels.

You can read this week's full post here:


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