This Week's Post Delayed Until Thursday

I have to apologize to my regular readers for the fact that I am going to have to delay this weeks's post about the 3d lilac and orange brown Queen Victoria keyplate stamps of Lagos until Thursday this week. I have had a larger than usual number of these stamps to sort, as well as having visitors from out of town this week. So between the demands of my business and other responsibilities, I just was not able to complete the sort and write the actual post today.

I have almost completed the sort and what I can say is that there are lots of really interesting combinations of head and duty plate shades, as well as an earlier state of plate wear in which there is no merging of the top three lines of the hair on the Queen's head. This earlier state would seem to correspond to the period between the time that the stamp was issued in late 1890 and 1894 when the 5d, 7.5d and 10d stamps were issued.

So please return to this page on Thursday, August 3 for the completed post. 


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